Dr. Naeem Tareen

Dr. Naeem Tareen

Speciality(s): Cardiologist

Title: Interventional Cardiology, echocardiography

04 378 6666,


  • mdusa1975
  • internal medicine residencyhackensack university hospital newjersey usa1977
  • cardiology fellowshipuniversity of stony brook usa1979
  • M.D., F.A.C.C (USA)St. Vincent Medical Center New York1980
  • md usacardiology1980
  • cardiology fellowshipst vincent hospital usa1980
  • american board cardiologyusa1987
  • american board internal medicineusa1987
  • Senior Consultant CardiologySt. Paul South Western Hospital, Dallas Texas USA1997
  • fellow american college cardiologyusa2000

Languages spoken:

Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Pashto, Tamil, Urdu


Medical practice

Al Zahra Private Hospital,Al Barsha 1.Dubai (Al Barsha/Tecom/JBR/Jabel Ali/Green)

Professional Statement:

 Chest Pain-Shortness of Breath,stent follow up, open heart surgery follow up, arrythmia diagnosis followup,heart  attack diagnosis , congestive heart failure , heart failure treatment, cardiomyopathy treatment followup, shortness of breath diagnosis treatment,transient ischemic attack, treatment diagnosis, Stroke diagnosis ,treatment., valvular heart disease treatment, Complete Executive Physicals, Heart Attack-ANGINA, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Second Opinion on Coronay Stenting, Second Opinoin Bypass Surgery, Diabetes, Pain and Clots in Legs ,Stroke Prevention and Treatment, Heart Failure ,Cholesterol Treatment, Cardiac arrythmia(Irregular heart beat) , Abnormal Heart Rhythm, Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Angiography’s, Angioplasty, Aorta Disease, Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease prevention, Coronary Heart Disease, Electrocardiography, Stress Test Echocardiography Stress Eccho, Complete Lung Test Pulmonary Function Test, Valve disease, Vascular disease, Women and heart disease, Heart disease during pregnancy, Advanced Echocardiography techniques such as Myocardial contrast echo for assessment Chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, Endogenous Laser, Carotid Ultrasound with Doppler, Ablation, microphlebectomy., 24HR Holter Monitor, 24HR Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Screening - Preventive care is the best medicine., Sudden death - prevention, Stroke screening , Cholesterol Treatment, Lipid treatment  Heart Failure, Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy , High blood pressure treatment and diagnosis ,Aorta Disease, Cardiovascular disease prevention , Abnormal heart rhytym, Cholestrol treatment , Lipid Profile

Valvular Heart Disease , Arterial-Venous Study of lower extremeties, thyroid disease, weight loss program, pediatric cardiologist, International Patients, complete medical check-up, Interventional Cardiologist, peripheral vascular diseas , foot ulcers , Aortic aneurysm and open heart surgery


The best, the latest and the most modern cardiac care in Dubai in diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in Dubai. American Heart Center is the state of the art Cardiac facility to provide the latest and best heart care in dubai .

The chief of Cardiology is the world renowned American cardiologist in dubai Dr.Naeem Tareen who practiced in America for over twenty-five years. Dr.Naeem Tareen has been senior Consultant in Cardiology at world famous cardiology center south western medical center St.Paul Hospital Dallas Texas U.S.A South western medical center has four Nobel prize winners in cardiology on its staff. Dr.Naeem Tareen did his cardiology fellowship at St.Vincent medical center New York and University of Stony Brook Nassau county Hospital New York. He did his medical residency at Hackensack University Hospital New Jersey U.S.A, which is one of the top medical centers in U.S.A. He also did his medical residency at Mount Sinai Hospital Manhattan New York. Which is also a top medical center in U.S.A.Dr.Naeem Tareen M.D. F.A.C.C. (U.S.A) is

Fellow American College of Cardiology

Board Certified in Cardiology

Diplomat of American Board of cardiology

Diplomat of American Board of Internal Medicine.

Recipient American Medical Association Physician,

American board cardiologist in dubai.

24 Hours Online Consultation naeemtareen1@hotmail.com

we are centrally located in dubai health care city 64 Alrazi opposite canadian hospital next to wafi city.we are available 24 hours at

9714 4370670 971509214152

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64 Alrazi Dubai Health Care City

1003 Block A

Dubai, Dubai 00000

United Arab Emirates

ph: 9714 4370670

fax: 97144370671

alt: 97159214152


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Dr. Naeem Tareen

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